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My Dream BIG Club

My Dream BIG Club (MyDBC) is a group of diverse individuals that meet monthly to discuss transformative topics, motivate each other and support each other’s big dreams. The club puts together events focused around self-growth, empowerment, volunteering, networking and staying active. MyDBC has become a hub for diverse professionals to grow and develop.

Develop an active network to help you ACHIEVE your dreams with a GOAL and a PLAN


I’ve really enjoyed the Dream Big meetings I’ve attended.  Finding similar aged like-minded individuals who have a drive beyond just earning a paycheck is refreshing.  This isn’t to say everyone has some side business but everyone has a growth mindset beyond just economics.  The topics have ranged from fostering better relationships, to tackling your fears, managing finances etc.  It’s people who want to learn how to be better and do better and Dream Big has created that network.

Barima Opong-Owusu


The DreamBIG Club experience has been fantastic for both me and my wife. It provides us with the opportunity to meet and share life experiences with wonderful people. We have learned a lot in terms of building valuable relationships, positive thinking, conflict management, maintaining good work-life balance. Beyond all we have made some amazing friends whose life experiences inspire and motive us constantly. We are extremely grateful and blessed to be a part of the DreamBIG family!

Drs. Amit and Panchali Patel


My Dream BIG Club is a place where I can surround myself with like-minded people who share similar values. The topics we discuss are very thought provoking and always leaving me thinking about how I can improve my life. I have met some really amazing people in MDBC and I have cultivated relationships that will definitely impact my life. I am always looking forward to the next meeting!!

Cindy Ofili


MDBC is a vehicle that pushes me to my better. I love the intention behind every party, meetup and post. Thanks for dropping gems at every session. The common theme is Dreaming Bigger and Better while testing the limits of faith. Plus I get to make awesome new friends along the way.

Shanika Owens


As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Let’s make your dreams come true.